About this service

What can I do with this service?

Color handling in print is a common problem, not only for non professionals. If you create a document with for example MS Word or OpenOffice it is in RGB color model. RGB stands for the primary colors of light ( red, green, and blue) and RGB is best suited to work with on a computer screen. In printing, CMYK color model is used. CMYK refers to the four ink names: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black. Quite often a printer expects PDFs to be already in a print ready CMYK format. There are tools like Adobe Professional which can convert a document to CMYK color model. But if you don't want to buy a tool this service can solve this problem.

What are those CMYK profiles?

There are many different kinds of paper: recycled paper for newspapers, glossy paper for magazines, uncoated paper and coated paper for brochures. Each type has a different characteristics in regard to printing. The newspaper paper sucks up more ink than the glossy paper. If this is not taken into account, images will become too dark and the ink will blur. To avoid this an ICC profile documents how colors are printed on a specific type of paper. If you are not sure what kind of paper your printer will use, simply ask them.